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SourceGuardian is a php encoder and protects php codes by compiling them into bytecode format using the most advanced encryption levels. There is no matter that your php scripts includes one file or more files. The SourceGuardian will protect them successfully. When you run this most advanced php encoder, you will be able to set the PHP mode, locking options and any advanced options that you require for protecting your scripts. You need to select if your protected PHP code will under PHP4 or PHP5. You can also add locks to your protected files. This is a useful, but optional, functionality and is useful if you need to create a trial version or your PHP code or if you need to allow your code to work only with one domain, IP address or machine. You click “Encode” to run encoding for your files. Within seconds, you will see the encrypted, protected files. We know you have worked hard to develop your PHP scripts and value for your time, suggest you to use SourceGuardian for preventing reverse engineering. .

SourceGuardian features:

  • Set expiration date.
  • Lock to IP address.
  • Lock to domain name, with wildcards.
  • Lock to hardware Mac addresses.
  • Restrict protected scripts to work with unencoded scripts.
  • Lock to an external license file which will be required to run the protected scripts.
  • Set custom constants which will be written into the encoded script and which will be available from the protected code.

  • SourceGuardian purposes:

  • to encrypt PHP codes in the most advanced methods.
  • to licensing the PHP scripts.
  • to prevent the distibution of PHP codes.